Remco Industries New Product Line -Water Transfer Solutions

Water Transfer Solutions

Over the past year, the REMCO Industries’ team has been working on a new product line that we feel fills a void in the RV and Camping Market. Today, we are proudly introducing our new Water Transfer Solutions product line.

These 12 Volt Portable Water Transfer Pumps allow you to move water with ease utilizing flow rate of 2.5 GPM to 5.3 GPM. These compact “Pump in a box” units have 3 size options, all very light weight, compact and weighing in at less than 12lbs. Each unit comes with a 15 foot Wire Harness Kit which includes clamp to easily hook on to any 12 Volt Battery or power source. All units are protected from debris by a 50 mesh inlet strainer and the pumps are capable of being run dry without damage. These very robust and powerful Transfer Pumps have a multitude of uses, including filling RV/Marine fresh water tanks, filling stock tanks, removing water from basements, fill/drain hot tubs, hundreds of wash down applications for Boats, RV’s, Trailers, and other Machines. REMCO also offers a complete Inlet and Outlet Hose Kit for these units which includes a non-collapsible inlet hose with its own 50 mesh strainer and a 50 foot expandable outlet hose with fire-hose nozzle and storage bag.

Each unit is named after one of the Great Lakes Indicating its size and phenomenal use with fresh water.

Ontario is the smallest Lake and is also our lowest flow rate and pressure. Coming in at 2.5 GPM, 45 PSI and 8 lbs., this unit is perfect for the outdoor user with space restrictions.

Huron is right in the middle in terms of the Lakes and our water transfer units. This unit steps up to 4.0 GPM flow rate backed by 60 PSI allowing for heavier usage, longer duty cycles all packed into a Military grade case weighing just over 10 lbs.

Superior is the largest, strongest and most intimidating Lake and our Water Transfer Unit is no different. Utilizing a 5.3 GPM 80 PSI Power Blaster Pump you can wash down and entire fleet of boats and this pump is just getting warmed up. We added all of our heavy duty bells and whistles to this unit and it is truly the most robust portable transfer product on the market today.

We are very excited about the new and innovative product line which will soon be in to a Retailer near you!


The New REMCO Industries Accumulator Tank/ Pulsation Dampener


Another addition to REMCO Industries 2018 Innovations will be our introduction of the REMCO Accumulator / Tank Pulsation Dampener. It is a perfect match for your water pump system that requires low flow applications to assist in consistent flow, preventing pump cycling or water hammer. REMCO’s Accumulator is NSF-18 certified for use in any potable water, food grade or industrial application and “Made in the USA”.

  • Convenient 3/8″ FMPT or 3/8″ John Guest port connections
  • Compact design to fit most applications
  • Dampens and prevent rapid pump switch cycling
  • Provides consistent water pressure
  • Limits harmful spikes and water hammer
  • Minimizes noise
  • Built from high grade materials to meet NSF-18 standards
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Mounts in any position with mounting racket included
  • Factory pre-charged to 20 PSI, maximum pressure 125 PSI

Available part numbers are:

RACT820-FNPT, 3/8″ FNPT connections

RACT820-JG, 3/8″ John Guest connections


Constantly Innovating,

REMCO Industries

The NEW Remco Industries 3313 Series larger 3/4" Quick Attach Pump

It's a new year and we are officially launching our new 3313 series, 3/4" Quick Attach pump. This is the start of Remco Industries' 2018 innovations, and the beginning of standardizing our electric pump models. اربح مال من الانترنت Remco Industries' Quick Attach pumps have been around since the start of quick attach, with 2 different sizes available, 5/8" on our smaller flow 3 chamber pumps and 3/4" on our larger flow 5. طريقة المراهنات في كرة القدم With these two different sizes,  it created some difficulty and confusion for our customers to just drop in a Remco pump as a direct replacement for brands such as Fimco (HighFlo) or Flojet. In recognition of this issue, Remco's engineering team designed this new larger 3/4" Quick Attach inlet/outlet pump head for our smaller flow 3 chamber pumps (3300 series) to assist in market compatibility and ease of plumbing with no additional adapters needed. This new option now allows us to standardize our quick attach fittings, and plumbing recommendations to many of our OEM/Wholesale customers. In addition to this design upgrade is the ability of the Remco 3313 series pump to be an easy and direct "plug and play" replacement for the Fimco 2. بيت واي 1 GPM sprayer pump, and its' special manifold system.

Now with this new pump option available, coupled with our significantly superior pump performance, longer pump life, and professional grade quality,  it launches us even further ahead of our competition. This next generation port size standardization is a strategic move in helping skyrocket our aftermarket pump sales to the next level.

To learn more about our 3313 series 3/4" Quick Attach pump, please visit our 3300 series pump webpage,

Constantly Innovating,

Remco Industries.