Dampen Pump Switch Cycling and Minimize Hydraulic Noise

Limit harmful spikes/water hammer and minimize hydraulic noise with the addition of Remco’s Accumulator Tank.  With two port options; convenient NPT or John Guest; a pre-charge pressure of 20 PSI, max pressure of 125 PSI, and NSF food-grade materials the Remco PowerRV Series Accumulator Tank is the solution to dampen loud pump switch cycling and pulsations. مواقع قمار

Remco Industries Discontinues Towing Line

After many years dedicated to towing kits & the towing industry, Remco Industries has discontinued the manufacture and sales of our vehicle towing kits and remcotowing.com, as of October 1, 2020.  While we are sad to see this product line go, we are excited for the opportunity this gives us to focus on our core competency, AG and RV pumps.  We sincerely appreciate the confidence and loyalty our customers have shown us over the years and look forward to working together in the future.


You've Been Asking, So We Answered:

Introducing our 12V Rate Controllers!

Check out these beauties:



Click here to learn more: https://remcoindustries.com/product-pages/rate-controllers/

CSA Approved! - Remco Industries Aquajet

Smart Pump, Variable Speed and NOW CSA APPROVED!

Take a closer look at the Aquajet:


Remco Aquajet Series Pump


Meet our NEW OEM Pump!!!


Our 3200 Series is the newest in our line of Freshwater Pumps.

This Direct Replacement OEM Pump will quickly become your new favorite automatic demand RV pump!

Take a peek:


The New REMCO Industries Accumulator Tank/ Pulsation Dampener


Another addition to REMCO Industries 2018 Innovations will be our introduction of the REMCO Accumulator / Tank Pulsation Dampener. It is a perfect match for your water pump system that requires low flow applications to assist in consistent flow, preventing pump cycling or water hammer. REMCO’s Accumulator is NSF-18 certified for use in any potable water, food grade or industrial application and “Made in the USA”.

  • Convenient 3/8″ FMPT or 3/8″ John Guest port connections
  • Compact design to fit most applications
  • Dampens and prevent rapid pump switch cycling
  • Provides consistent water pressure
  • Limits harmful spikes and water hammer
  • Minimizes noise
  • Built from high grade materials to meet NSF-18 standards
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Mounts in any position with mounting racket included
  • Factory pre-charged to 20 PSI, maximum pressure 125 PSI

Available part numbers are:

RACT820-FNPT, 3/8″ FNPT connections

RACT820-JG, 3/8″ John Guest connections


Constantly Innovating,

REMCO Industries