Remco Rate Controller - The top Professional Grade unit you need

Remco has a new series of Rate Controllers that match up perfectly with our Professional Grade Ag and Industrial pumps. Remco Rate Controllers are an exceptional accessory for any fertilizer or precision spray application. With 15 amp and 35 amp ratings they are sized to drive our Professional Grade pumps under any load. With the Digital pressure display you can accurately your system pressure with our having to run any fluid lines in to your machines cab. We also offer Non-Digital controllers that can be used in combination with a pressure gauge for accurate adjustment in the field. Remco developed the Rate Controllers with Professional Grade components ensuring they can stand up to the demands of Agricultural applications. With weather proof electrical connections, circuit breaker protection, reverse polarity protection, and easy trouble shooting codes the Remco Rate controllers are user friendly and safe.

Remco Rate Controllers are the next Professional Grade AG Component.