Remco's High Pressure Series is vital to being Professional Grade

When it comes to demanding applications, being able to achieve high pressures is key to perfect liquid dispersal. Remco's 3300 Series Professional Grade Ag and industrial pumps are engineered to achieve pressure higher than any other electric-driven diaphragm pump on the market. It begins with our ultra-efficient electric motor that has twice the amount of windings and brush life found in other diaphragm pumps. This robust design keeps motor RPM at a maximum under load and heat build-up at a minimum. The motor drives a variety of specialty pump head components in the lower housing, engineered to handle high-speed and high-temperature operation. With its unique piston-less diaphragm design, it can handle the extreme forces that come along with operating at 200+ PSI for long-duty cycles. The next key component is the valve housing; designed with pressed-in Viton valves on a patented supportive surface for chemical resistance and a long life for all applications. Lastly, holding it all together with high-tensile strength t-20 screws, is the nylon upper housing. Nylon has the strength to handle high-pressure forces, eliminating leaking and cracking. Available with all of our pressure control configurations including bypass, on demand pressure switch, or dual control for maximum duty cycle life and performance.

All of this adds up to the Remco 3300 High Pressure Series being capable of thousands of life hours at peak pressures of 150-200+ PSI. Our world-class pump engineers designed our plastic and rubber components with precision and strength no one else can rival. Achieving long life in high-pressure applications is now possible with Remco.